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Fran Chandler, Health Coach
       Fran Chandler
Health Coach, N.M.C.,AASDN

On the professional side.........

I received my training as a Nutrition Manager Consultant under the direction of Dr. Jane Pentz through the
American Academy of Sports Dietitians & Nutritionists with continued education for sports specific nutrition. 

My education in nutrition provides me with the knowledge to combine traditional philosophies with modern concepts in order to incorporate services safely and professionally.

I am passionate and inspired to teach others how to make healthy dietary choices to reach their personal goals and help create a lifetime of happiness . My approach is unique for each client I work with. I believe that everyone has the ability to be successful in making changes - it is just a matter of finding the balance that will fit.

On the personal side........

I am a wife, and mother to three children. Throughout my adult years, I have been dedicated to living a life that is filled with healthy lifestyle choices. I make it my priority on a daily basis to teach my family these same important life lessons.

Be it at work, school, sports, friendships or with nutrition we all have to make decisions in life that effect our total happiness and well being. 

I believe that when we lead a healthy balanced lifestyle , we feel well, which allows us to make better choices in life and has a direct impact on ourself, our family and community.

I am excited to share my passion and knowledge with others so that they may attain their personal goals.
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