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As the saying goes : You can't out-exercise a bad diet! With years of experience as a Health Coach I have worked with teens, college athletes and adults looking to get on track by properly fueling themselves so that they can reach their personal goals. I can help you with your diet questions and concerns! Sometimes a little change in what and when we eat can make a huge impact on how we feel and look! An individual consultation includes extensive review of current lifestyle, health history, goals, body composition and meal planning .
Cost: $75


Learning the importance on how to fuel a growing and ever changing body can be somewhat confusing for your child. I work closely with my young clients to establish a trust so that they will be open to learn and develop healthy eating habits to help fuel them properly. Together we will develop a meal plan that they are comfortable with and fits their lifestyle. This program provides 30 days of continued support after their personal session.

COST: $125


The Foundations in Nutrition program provides an introduction to healthy eating and weight management.  This individual consultation program includes customized menu planning, education, lifestyle coaching, exercise program guidance, stress reduction techniques, healthy recipes, support and accountability, providing clients the tools needed for successful weight management. This is a 12 week program with four personal meeting sessions which are required in order to establish a solid foundation for education and lifestyle change.

COST: $350


A complete in-home analysis and overhaul of your fridge, freezer and pantry. After reviewing your family's favorite staples, you'll receive a customized substitution list as well as a thorough understanding of what to avoid when choosing new items in the future. Eating healthy can be realistic and achievable with a little planning, education, coaching, guidance and accountability.  

COST: $225


Large grocery stores can be overwhelming and smaller specialty markets can be intimidating. Together we will shop to get acclimated with where the best options for your family are in order to make food shopping a more efficient and enjoyable experience. This personalized program will forever simplify the way you shop for food.

COST: $225


This package provides everything you need to make healthy eating in your home part of your routine. In addition to the Pantry Clean out and Simplified Grocery Shopping, you'll receive tools to include shopping lists, menu planners and recipes that are customized to fit your lifestyle. This 4 session package includes consultation, pantry purge, grocery tour and final meal planning session to include custom recipes.

COST: $600


Nutrition seminars are tailored to your organization’s needs and are designed to educate, equip and empower individuals with knowledge and tools to improve their overall health and quality of life. Seminars can be set up in any space that suits your requirements.
Sample topicsWhy Diets Don’t Work, Starting and Maintaining a Successful Exercise Program, Decoding Food Labels, Defensive Eating: Strategies for Dining Out and Eating on the Run, Fueling for Fitness, Supermarket Smarts,

COST: Varies due to class size


Not sure where to start? Schedule an appointment and we will determine a program that will best fit your personal goals.

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